A Day For The Pursuit Of Peace

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As Blanche Porway’s was being transported to the deleterious Auschwitz concentration camp, she told her sister in an unfacetious voice, “We have to tell the people” . . . The answer from Beril Sinnreich is that “‘it shouldn’t happen again’”, and this is a vehement ideal that many Holocaust survivors share (Shaver)1.Elie Wiesel, author of Night, also shares this ambition and has an immense passion for the pursuit of peace.
September 30th, 1928 was a happy day for Shlomo and Sarah Wiesel, for it was the day that their newborn son by the name of Eliezer Wiesel was welcomed into the Wiesel household in Sighet, Transylvania. Just like many typical Orthodox Jewish families in the area, Elie Wiesel had a traditional Jewish upbringing which made him both a devout believer in God and one who was riveted in his religious studies (Goldman, Horn, and Kerner)2. Elie grew up in an average Jewish household until the spring of 1944. During that time, the German forces advanced into and invaded a Hungary and started to “relocate” the Jews living there. It was not until May of 1944 that the Wiesel family was sent to a place that is now affiliated some of the worst actions of humanity: The Auschwitz concentration camp (“Elie Wiesel Timeline . . .”)3.His mother Sarah and his younger sister Tzipora were sent to heinous gas chambers in Auschwitz, but Elie and his father Shlomo were sent to the inhumane work camps. After some time, they were both relocated to Buchenwald, another loathsome…
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