A Day Is A Special Holiday For Those Who 've Lost A Soldier

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Memorial Day is a special holiday for those who’ve lost a loved one in military service. For me, the holiday is two-fold. Yes, I remember the passing of my military dad, , but it’s also the day I remember all the best things about my father. It’s when I celebrate Father’s Day. My father was always proud to be a soldier. Sure, he would grumble about Army politics or how the service caused him to have bad knees and feet. Yet. he was good at being a solider. This was ironic because he did not choose to join the Army on his own. He, like many others, was part of the Vietnam draft. My father had no intentions of being a military man. He was going to go to a local college and play football. That dream was cut short when he received his draft letter right before graduation—football dreams would have to wait. After the war ended and he satisfied his minimal service requirements, he did not leave. He re-enlisted and went on to serve 20 years in the Army. He retired before he was 40. It would seem that with a full military career and generous retirement package under his belt, he would relax and move on. This was not the case, he had a hard time relaxing into civilian life. My dad had a rough childhood. He grew up poor in a little town in Eastern Kentucky with no father figure. Sure, he showed promise and talent in playing football at the local college, but academics was not on his horizon. Whether he realized it or not at the time, the Army was not only an escape from his

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