A Day Of The Year Choice Award

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Omeed Moini
Ms. Elzea
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Jan 27 2016
Fredrick Douglass, the Voice of America
Fredrick Douglass Fighting for Slave Freedom

Fredrick Douglass was terrified. If he was caught this time he could be sold off to slave traders or even killed! He tried to keep his lunch down as he shakily handed the conductor his ticket. Douglass’ knees almost buckled while the conductor briefly looked at it, luckily the conductor didn’t look closely at the ticket. He then proceeded to the colored car where he sat. As the trip continued he began to sweat more and more. Douglass began seeing people he knew; or was he delirious? Or Once the train landed in Delaware, he immediately bounded a steam ship to Philadelphia. From there he boarded another train to New York where he would truly be a free man.
Fredrick Douglass was a hero. He demonstrated throughout his life, whether by speaking up, helping others without thinking about himself, or simply being courageous. Douglass helped us see that we were doing things wrong. He was persistent to many causes and never gave up on them until he died recently on Feb. 20th, 1895. Because of his courage and other great qualities he is the person of the year. In a cold, dark slave house Frederick Douglass was born in 1817. His father was believed to be the master of the farm who was white. During his first seven years of slave hood his mom died, this left him with his old grandmother who was too old…

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