A Day Of Tragedy And The War On Terror

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Evan King
Mrs. Madis
English 12-2
12 February 2015
Everyone is Affected On September 11th 2001 the United States witnessed one of the worst acts of terrorism that this country has ever seen, almost 3,000 innocent American lives were taken that day in an Islamic act of “revenge” and this day will forever be known as a day of tragedy and the spark of a war on terror. Terrorism affects the lives of many, not only the immediate victims and their family, but the helpless people of that country or nation. When innocent people are harmed in the act of Islamic faith others begin to hate that religion when the Islamic faith is peaceful and holy, ones who commit acts of terror with influence of the Koran are not followers of its teachings but followers of hate. “June 9, 2014- Monday night into Tuesday, militants seize Mosul’s airport, its TV stations and the governor 's office. ISIS frees up to 1,000 prisoners.” (Editors, CNN). ISIS is the Islamic State In Syria they have taken over much of Syria along with other smaller countries bordering Syria. ISIS obtains most of its money Oil-smuggling operations, rapeing and pillaging small cities of the middle east and by doing that ISIS makes upward around 5 million dollars a day. ISIS also kidnaps young boys and forces them to become followers of their teachings and Islamic extremists “May 2014 - ISIS kidnaps more than 140 Kurdish schoolboys in Syria, forcing them to take lessons in radical Islamic theology.” (Editors, CNN). This act shows
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