A Day That Changed My Life

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May 25, 2013, a day that would forever change my life. The day that I knew that with a simple piece of paper my life would be filled with endless possibilities. On this day I graduated high school. To some this is not what they would call a milestone in life and that it could be achieved by anyone but to an eighteen-year-old, African American, female, living in a small rural town that is heavy laden with poverty, this is the most memorable moment of my entire life and somehow I imagine that this is how a Muslim must feel on his or her first journey to Mecca. I live in a place where the average African American is either a manager at the local fast-food restaurant, apart of the school janitorial staff or just unemployed. There is no such thing as what W.E.B. DuBois would describe as the “talented tenth” in my city. For me to have the aspirations to graduate from high school and to then go on and achieve higher education was a great deal to not only myself but also to my family. Although I lived in a two parent household, my experience was not peaches and cream. My parents combined income was barely $40,000 a year growing up. I knew what it felt like to have my parents to struggle just to provide the basic necessities and not being able to afford a better opportunity in life for my sister and I because both only had a high school diploma and the lack of job opportunities. As a child, my parents sat a high standard for myself and my sister because of fear of either one of us

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