A Day That Has Been Celebrated For Over 200 Years

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President Anna K. Campbell, Mr. Chief Justice, my friends: Today is a day that has been celebrated for over 200 years. For some fellow Americans today is a day of ceremonious occasion; and for others, today is a day of revision. The replacement of our nation’s president has been continuous over the past two centuries. Today I am filled with exhilaration, but I am also filled with a sanguine spirit. As I stand in the midst of my country today, I first look to the leaders before me. Through every calamity they have stood strong, through every moment of decision they have always made the foremost selection in regards to the well-being of our nation. And last, they have stood with dignity and patriotism in the midst of our anguished hours. To our citizens, I thank you for your solace to our country. In an inveigle essence, I do not question that the nation will continue to console in the leaders and higher power. As a nation, and myself included, we face the obstacles of tomorrow today. First, and foremost, we thank God of whom our founding fathers established our country on. Society has evolved thoroughly over the past centuries. We have seen war, conflict, poverty, unemployment, increase in illness, and the list lengthens. Our government faces a daily weight of dilemmas. With guidance from a higher power, I propose to service myself to our country. The conflict between Russia and our nation is quickly rising as we speak. However, as of now, our nation has not declared a
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