A Day The Thackstons Went For Their Daily Run

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One day the Thackstons went for their daily run. Little did they know, it would be their last run. Josiah Thackston was having sharp pains around his liver and kidneys; he blew it off and just figured “Oh it is because I am running.” He later mentioned it to his wife Julie Thackston. She told him “Let us go to the hospital, and see what is going on.” So, they jumped into the car and as they drove, he started having sharp pains and began to tear up. The Thackstons arrived at the hospital and told them how he was feeling. Dr. Bennet had an idea of what was going on, but he wanted to run some tests first. Soon, Mr. Thackston would find out that he had stage four cancer in his liver and kidneys. He would only be around for another two or three months. He and his wife Julie asked the doctor what to do. Dr. Bennet said “There is a way to end it all quickly.” The Thackstons asked, “How doctor?” His reply “There is this aid called assisted suicide; it is where doctors can give the patient a pill and he or she will die immediately. Some patients recommend the pill if they only have months to live.” Mrs. Thackston said “Don’t think about leaving me behind. I have family and friends to support me. So go ahead and take the pill.” Mr. Thackston said “Okay hon, I love you.” He asked for the pill. Dr. Bennet told him the pill would be there in one week. A week later, he received his life ender. He took it immediately! At two o 'clock that afternoon, Mr. Thackston was pronounced dead.…
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