A Day Trip At The Airport

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I was in a deep sleep when my alarm went off and it was time to pray, I told myself it was just a dream and went back to sleep. As I was forcing myself to go back to sleep my alarm went off again, I had no excuses but to get up and pray. I was worshiping to my lord when the news hit me. I stormed out of my room and went straight to my mother to question her. The news was shocking but also surprising, “we are going on a vocation next week”. While packing, I was going through mixed emotions. I was scared but also excited. It was time and I panicked “but could this vocation really be that bad”, I asked myself. We arrived at the airport in no time. Inside the airplane it was warm and comfortable, the scenery calmed me down a bit and I got comfortable. Time was going as slow as a turtle. Nap was so good but the pilot interrupted with an announcement “we have arrived at our destination” Kariba Nairobi, Kenya and there was a big sign that said “Welcome to Nairobi, Kenya”. It was very beautiful, my eyes was watery due to steering at the sign.

My eyes opened up widely, everything was different from the scene of the United States of America, and I was very fascinated by the weather, people, and the settings. The roads were dry, dusty, and rough to drive on. The people were very nice and welcoming because of their perspective of coming from America. My first morning of being in Karibu Kenya, was very bright shine sunlight morning that I haven’t seen in very long time. We went
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