A Day With My Dog

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It is easy to identity that when we have animals in our life, our daily routine without a doubt, transforms. However, how often do we look back on the time spent with our pets and take a look and realize all the ways owning an animal can change our perspective on life. Not only can our animals change the way we look at things, but can make us into better people. There is an understanding to why I think my dog, Molly has truly transformed who I am into an exceptional human being. Molly represents me because she is an example of how much I have changed for the better, and ended up exactly where I want to be. The picture is myself and my dog Molly and I at my grade twelve graduation, after one year of having her four legs, wet nose, long tail and endless amount of affection come into my life. I honestly cannot even imagine my life without my dog. Life before her was a complete mess. I fought with my parents on a regular basis on how irresponsible I was, I was not physically active, I was always out partying and I was selfish. On an evening in October of 2014 I received pictures from a friend who had a six week old puppy available whom I instantly fell in love with. The moment I confirmed that I was going to officially adopt Molly, I instantly thought I did not know what I got myself into. In order to properly train a puppy, you need to have lots of patience, responsibility, and most importantly; you need to be able to let go of your own selfishness. As a young puppy…

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