A Day Without Feminism

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First, I want to start off by saying I definitely became very informed of what it was like for women prior to the Women’s Liberation Movement! I had no idea just how bad women had it back then. In addition, I am guilty of referring to most feminist as man haters and often wondered what all of the fuss was about, I guess I never took the time to do the research to see in fact what the true meaning and purpose of a feminist is. In the end my beliefs about feminism have in fact changed after reading the three articles “A Day without Feminism”, “Fear of Feminism and “Claiming an Education.” I believe these authors wanted to inform readers of what it was like for women before the Women’s Liberation Movement but to send the message stating although things are improving, we are not there yet and there is still a lot to be done!
After watching the links provided of multiple videos and reading the articles as well, the authors and speakers state several reasons why they feel feminism is so necessary for women and men. Emma Watson makes a great point of some of those examples stating how it is frowned upon for men to show emotion when they should enabled to do so and it be acceptable, or how majority of men will not ask for help because as a result they would be thought
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When asked what changes I see between the articles versus the videos, I feel that they all are on the same mission with one goal to accomplish which is gender equality. However, I do feel as if modern feminism is vaguer and more assertive. Women today are more vocal on the issue at hand and are not as afraid as they were back then possibly due to the fact as stated in “A Day without Feminism,” that back then it was completely acceptable for men to physically abuse women which as a result I am sure made majority of them fear the consequences of speaking their
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