A Day Without Technology - Paper

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How would you feel a day without using any technology? Living without technology will be totally impossible as this has become every day’s application as more and more people are gaining knowledge on how to make use of the communication tools to improve their ways of living and staying informed on the current technology to avoid being left behind. New technologies are being developed daily which shows that the industry will continue to grow and expand. People will continue using these technologies to improve their standards and to stay informed. Technology has influenced us in so many positive ways, from providing cellphones that can be used in the house, to around the world and provide so many other great features. With technology…show more content…
In addition to having cellphones where you can download applications is downloading games for children that are educational and help them with their learning. Children love using phones why not have them have fun while learning. For example my younger brother is only four years old and he loves using technology when he’s not on the computer, xbox, iPod he is on my mother’s phone .What is he doing? He is playing games where not only is he having fun but is also learning his colors or shapes. It is also said that cell phones have had a negative effect on us because of lack of communication with others. For example when you’re eating dinner with your family and someone decides to pull out a phone and there constantly texting on it instead of having a conversation at the dinner table. Yes this is true it might stop from families communicating with each other at the dinner table but this is more a personal problem. Perhaps they don’t know how to set rules. But this does not mean that it stops communication world wide. Think about the awkward situations we have faced and our cellphones are there to save us perhaps we text someone or even pretend to be texting, calling, or surfing the web just to look occupied. Another thing is when we’re eating lunch by ourselves our cellphones are there with us and constantly keeps us communicating with our
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