A Day at the Beach

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The sun’s rays glisten across the water as my family and I lie on the golden sands of the beach to relax. Seagulls and other families are scattered around us along the length of the beach. My mom, my sister, and I lie next to each other, listening to the waves crashing against the ocean bank.
I remember the day the horrible news arrived. I stood in the kitchen waiting for my father to arrive home from work.
Once he arrived, he and Mother sat me down and hesitated, “Your mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Several things around here will be changing. They will be changing very fast due to the aggressive treatment she will be going through.”
Tears filled my eyes as I wondered, Why is this happening to my family? What will happen to my family, and when will this be over? I sat at the table, unable to speak a single word. The emotion had overcome me like the waves of the ocean now breaking on the shore. My father and brother are very far out in the deep waters searching for seashells and any aquatic life swimming through the warm, ocean waters. Back on the shore, my mother, my sister, and I are tanning and reading magazines that we grabbed at the hotel. On the cover of the magazine in bold letters it says “SURGERY.” It reminds me of the day Mother got her surgery. She and Father left very early that morning to drive to Apple Hill Surgical center. My parents warned us to behave and that my sister was in charge for the day. My brother and I would have to behave or we
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