A Day in a Life of a 16 Year Old Chef

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By: Frances Rios
Hello. My name is Frances Rios. It is not easy starting to get ready to become a chef. We will explore some of the wonderful / artistic wonders of becoming a chef on this paper. There are many things I have to and want to do with this career. Here they are: I have to go to college, I have to practice twenty-four seven on my tons of recipes, and also where I want to go with cooking. There are many things also that I have to do to get my career started. If I listed all the things. I would be here forever. I love cooking and I always will I hope you enjoy what you are about to read. I would have to go to three different schools for cooking. The first one that I would
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There would be all types of Spanish and Italian sweets. I will have flan all the way to cannolis. Everything that you can think of I will have at my bakery. You will never see any bakery like mine. Even if I don’t have the types of sweet you want ask and I will get it done. My last plan that I will be talking about is owning a chain of restaurant. I will be the first chef in history to have a two story restaurant. It will also be half fine dining and half of it will be a bakery. My restaurants will be all over the world. You will go any were in the world and one of my restaurants will be there. My first restaurant will be located at Orlando, Florida because if it does well there it will show me it will do good anywhere in the world. These are my future aspirations.
I hope you enjoyed hearing what it takes to be chef. It is not easy being 16 and trying to become a chef. There are times that I want to give up. Whoever said planning for the future was going to be easy. I have to work my butt of to get to college, I can’t forget to practice, and I have to think about my future aspirations when I feel like giving up. That’s what I have to do to become a chef. I hope that by reading this paper you would also think about starting a cooking career. Thank you for taking your time to read my
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