A Day in the Life: Dealing with Migraine and Illegal Medicine

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I sit up suddenly and clutch my head in agony. An incorporeal thumbtack pierces my eye from behind, sending malevolent flames of hate up and down my body. I fling my head left and right, up and down, back and forth, like a fish fighting it's fate at the hands of the fisherman... then everything is still once more. I wipe sweat from my brow and bring the glistening hand to my weary eyes. I am not surprised to see wet clumps of hair clinging to my fingers. I must have yanked them out while writhing again. This is how every morning starts. My midsection snarls at me, but I don't dare consume anything. It may be angrily vocal but it is tricking me into provoking it with food. It is dead weight within me, sloshing around inside where my stomach should be. I try to put food out of my mind as my stomach churns sullenly. I turn to remove myself from the bed I used to sleep in... once upon a time. I glance at my desk, unfinished homework displayed on the laptop screen, and a wave of despair washes over me. Papers are haphazardly strewn around the desk, waiting for bright eyes and a clear head to read them. The mirror behind the desk doubles the stack of work, and my strained eyes blink back tears of frustration. A vicious battle rages within me between the twin devils of head and abdomen, but if I don't medicate with caffeine soon I'll regret it. Caffeine withdrawals on top of an already…

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