A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

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A day in the life of Alex Sanders: Driving in the fast lane at Landon Care Products

Anshul Gupta
Sayan Ghosh
Neha Shourie
Neha Saraogi

Case Study: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander:
Driving in the Fast Lane of Landon Care Products.

Executive Summary * Alex Sander was the newest and youngest product manager in the toiletries division of Landon care products headquartered in Connecticut. Recently Landon had been acquired by a European based beauty company, Avant-Garde which was planning to take hold of market share in the United States.

* While in Landon care products Alex had
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* Alex doesn’t consider others opinion which sometimes suppresses their confidence, leading to less job satisfaction which is a major determinant of an employee’s organizational behaviour, increasing absenteeism, turnover and thereby leading to negligible Organization Citizenship Behaviour. * According to the Hofstedes Framework pattern, Alex depicts quality of masculinity thus successfully portraying arrogance and overconfidence. * Theory of individual level independent variable i.e., Perception is applicable in the case where Alex’s perception is to utilise the human resources fully irrespective of the working hours whereas the employees perception is that the manager should also consider various other factors and help them balance work-life conflicts. * Employee’s were losing confidence in Alex as a team member and motivator can be connected to the theory of inter-personal roles as this role includes training and motivating the employees which lacks in this case. * With reference to Alex being impatient, the theory of lack of human skill is applicable as Alex does not have the ability to understand, communicate and support the individual employees.

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