A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

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A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products. Case Analysis Report Submitted by: OB Group 2 Group Members: 1. Anil Kumar Reddy(2013031) 2. Aneesh Aswal(2013028) 3. Animesh Bajpai (2013032) 4. Ankita Sharma (2013041) 5. Anshul Karn(2013044) 6. Anshul Rajora (2013046) Introduction: The following analysis is based on the attitude and behaviour of Alex Sander - newest and youngest product manager at LANDON. He had been very successful in the two product releases he has been in charge of. He is an extremely talented, hard working and dedicated individual and has been very effective. He is capable of delivering results but when it comes to team management he doesn’t seem…show more content…
He explained in the interview how he became knowledgeable being in Landon. He also replied interviewer, when he asked what type of person is best suited to being a product manager, that a product manager should have a broad professional background, varied skills, gut instinct and should be a highly alert coach and should prevent conflicts in product development. He also said that a product manager could be rather controlling and he was not sure that was absolutely essential. At 10.30AM, Alex went to Sam Glass for conversation about 360 degree performance review. When he met Sam, Sam asked whether he came regarding 360 degree performance review and to know whether this is used to development or it is a performance appraisal. Alex replied that the 360 degree process didn’t really concern him. He also said that money was primarily a measure of how one does and so he was expecting and demanding that level of compensation. Sam asked Alex to look at the feedback and get to know his week areas. Sam highlighted a few points in Alex’s feedback where he lobbied for a challenging and highly visible position with Nourish. Sam also said that to influence over strategic decisions, one should be a good motivator, a leader, one should know how to get work done through other people. So he suggested Alex that he has to value performance measures other than compensation for individual effort. Glass gave Alex feedback forms and asked
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