A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

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A Day in the Life of Alex Sander:
Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products.

Case Analysis Report Submitted by: OB Group 2
Group Members:

1. Anil Kumar Reddy(2013031)
2. Aneesh Aswal(2013028)
3. Animesh Bajpai (2013032)
4. Ankita Sharma (2013041)
5. Anshul Karn(2013044)
6. Anshul Rajora (2013046)

The following analysis is based on the attitude and behaviour of Alex Sander - newest and youngest product manager at LANDON. He had been very successful in the two product releases he has been in charge of. He is an extremely talented, hard working and dedicated individual and has been very effective. He is capable of delivering results but when it comes to team management he doesn’t seem to fit into the role. He
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• His aggressive nature in the completion of the project and believes that being pushy and commanding is the only way to get the job done.
• Lack of patience in Alex is also one of the major issues as he gets irritated of explaining things to his employees more than a couple of times
• For him the success was only in terms of money as he only looked at the fact the how much more amount of return he has made on his investment

Sam Glass (one of the product group supervisors) has certain issues:
• He considers the 360̊ performance review as an important part and wants Alex to take all the survey seriously
• Glass is also concerned about the working style of Alex because while working in a team he doesn’t work as a team rather he works as an individual and tries to complete all the work on his own
• Besides all flaws that Alex has, Sam Glass still wants to have Alex in his office because of his hard work and his dedication toward the organisation.

Plausible Solutions:
A detailed discussion into Alex Sander’s working has given us a deep insight into his personality. While some of his actions/decisions make him a fine example of a high
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