A Day in the Life of a Dj

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Have you ever wondered as you were driving down the road listening to the radio, "How do they do that?" I certainly have, and so for my junior job shadow experience I chose to shadow Mike Shannon from 99.7 WDJX, a very popular radio personality in Louisville, Kentucky. I chose to shadow him because I was interested in how DJs do their job and how a radio station is run. I thought that the job would be fun, exciting, and I thought it would be interesting. Going in to the Radio station I already knew that it was probably a high stress job and that on occasion it was very exciting. Some of the questions I had going into the situation were, what kind of history is behind the radio and radio personalities and what kind of education do you…show more content…
Self-employed DJs usually pay for everything themselves. Some DJs become well known among the community and are asked to make public appearances around the community. Most DJs that are well know are the charismatic ones who are wild and crazy on air. Which leads me to my next question I had what kind of personality do you need to be a radio personality and what is the environment like? DJs are always trying to please the people. If people don 't listen to you the ratings go down. When I asked Mike what kind of personality is needed he responded by saying, "The person needs to be positive and outgoing. Also you need to be very patient with people who call in because not everyone is going to be nice and happy when they call in. So you need to be able to hold back rude comments you might want to say to them." (Mike) DJs must be able to multitask and between watching the clock, choosing music, answering the phones, reading reports, entertaining guests and the audience. Again everything is about timing. DJs are required to plan ahead and be able to keep up with everything that is going on. They must be able to play the next song or commercial on time. It can be difficult to keep up but once you do it for awhile it gets easier. Working at a radio station can be fun but stressful at the same time. Dust and temperature control are very important parts of keeping the equipment running and in good condition. DJs may not always have jobs either, especially

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