A Days Before Christmas Of The Night

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A few days before Christmas, when the glistening snowflakes we’re still falling from the cloudy sky; My father and his co-workers at the fire station came and picked me up at my house. We went to your average Wal-Mart and set up a big cardboard box for people to donate toys for the kids of Germantown; There was also a jar so people could place money in to donate. We sat in front of the Wal-Mart for hours in the frigid ice cold weather asking for donations and by the time we were done, we had two gigantic boxes of toys filled to the brim for kids and teens. After having many fun-filled conversations with customers; we were able to obtain thousands of dollars to use for food and other necessities. On Christmas Eve, my father dressed up as Santa, he had everything from the long white beard, to the full stomach of Santa like he had eaten all his cookies.
During the dawn of the night, we arrived in Germantown, a lower income neighborhood in Quincy. Germantown was nothing like home, the houses we’re all run down. From the cracks in the wood of the ancient doors, to wide open holes in walls, and even some houses were covered in graffiti of all colors. I was never really exposed to the look of broken homes; which had left an uneasy feeling in my stomach mainly because my dad said it was a dangerous neighborhood. At all times I almost felt as someone was watching even my slightest movements even though I was just an innocent young kid. I did feel a little nervous at first, it was…
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