A Day's Wait

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A DAY’S WAIT LITERARY ANALYSIS Author: Ernest Hemingway, an American writer. His writing celebrates heroes and explores the nature of courage in this story. In much of his writing he dramatizes the importance of bravery in the face of death and of life’s everyday problems. This story deals with the quiet courage needed to face fear. Looking at Hemingway´s biography we can find parallels between the story "A Day´s Wait" and the author´s real life. When Hemingway took part in World War I he was wounded twice. When he was in hospital he heard the doctor talk about his health and since he did not know any better he thought he would have to die. His own fear, the behaviour and the feelings in this situation Hemingway expresses through…show more content…
-We should control our emotions and consider others despite our fears. -You shouldn't over worry about silly things because you will soon realize you were a fool to worry over such things. At the end of the story when the boy knows that he will not die he becomes his old self again: he starts to complain about little things that are of no importance just like before he thought he would die. This shows how death lets things appear in a different way, everything that seemed to be important before is not important anymore. - This also is the theme of the story: the innocence of a child. The boy would never talk about his feelings and fear, probably because he does not want other people to worry about him. He might not want to hurt them. Mood: the story is written in more of a matter-of-fact style so it may seem cold and heartless but this style allows the reader to decide what that person is feeling on their own. CHARACTERIZATION: What is a dynamic character? What is a static character? How are they different? In a story, a dynamic character is someone who undergoes an important, internal change because of the action in the plot. Ebenezer Scrooge, from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, is a classic example. When we first meet him, he is mean, bitter, and avaricious. Through his experiences with the three ghosts, he becomes generous, kind, and beloved. A static character is one whose personality doesn't
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