A Dead Body Lies Feet Away From Me

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A dead body lies feet away from me. She lies in a pool of blood, her body still and peaceful. There appear to be stab wounds, but neither the knife nor killer is present. In her very own kitchen this poor elderly woman lay, and surrounding her is evidence calling out to be found. Scenes such as this have become fairly common to me with working alongside the Hartford City Police Department. I’m a private investigator but have formed an alliance with the police department since solving the renowned case of an abducted twelve year old boy two years ago. At thirty-two years old, I’ve discovered that crime investigating is not only my job, but my passion. “Wow,” my partner, Joshua Peters states.

Josh stands in front of the body, taking notes of the crime scene. I leave the kitchen and find a place to read through the records to get to know more about our victim. Josh usually photographs bodies and studies physical evidence while I investigate through history.

“Anne Broker.” I read aloud for Josh to hear. “Seventy-six years old.” I look back once more at the poor lady. Very petite. She appears to have had plans tonight because she’s dressed in a formal black blouse with a sweater, and black slacks. Lying on her countertop is a mixing bowl and a whisk. I wonder what she planned to make. Cream and blue patterned wallpaper line the kitchen and matching blue plates are displayed in a windowed cabinet. Adjoining the kitchen is the small living room I sit in. The…
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