A Deadly And Morose Short Story By Edgar Allen Poe

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In a deadly and morose short story by Edgar Allen Poe, “Cask of Amontillado”, Montresor leads Fortunato to his death through the bribe of a pipe of amontillado, a rare find during the height of carnival. Wine is very important to many traditions and cultures still today, and the winemaking process is considered by many to be a form of art (Stein 149-163). This beverage is produced through a complex, but structured, process broken down into several distinct steps that are affected by many variables, such as climate and location, tradition, and techniques evolved throughout human history. Most important to the process is the vine and the grape themselves. Without quality vines or grapes, the wine will suffer. The vineyard the wine is grown in and the environment it is immersed in is also extremely important to the grapes and vines, affecting many aspects of the wine. The grapes also contain tannins, a compound that contributes to the wine’s mouthfeel and flavor. The process by which the wine is produced is the final factor that decides whether a wine will be sought after or not. Tied in with this is the history, culture, world market, and traditions, which usually decides what wine will be produced in a location. The whole world of winemaking, and the first step to determine the taste and quality of a wine, stems from the grape and vine. With a deep root system and gnarled trunk, grape vines are a standout feature of any winery. These vines have three main categories of…
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