A Death Blow To Some By Emily Dickinson

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The will of many to hold on to this mortal one is an extremely strong and astounding one. People will stay alive from fear of the unknown and the dark. Helen Keller once said “Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see” exemplifying courage and lack of fear for the next unknown (Death Quotes). As shown in poems A Death Blow to Some is a Life-blow to Others and When Lilacs Last in Door-yard Bloomed and events in the poets own lives as well as a 20th century painting, further proving that death is not something one should fear, but something to see as a new adventure. Perceptions in life are often based on personal experience especially…show more content…
In Emily Dickinson's poem she comments that a "death-blow to some is a life-blow to others" saying that even though death claims our lives and some don't want it to end, there are some that see it as a new journey (Dickinson). Death in some people's eyes is just a new turn and they cannot truly love until all things mortal are gone and the terrible things of this life are washed away. William Cullen Bryant also shared this belief in his poem Thanatopsis stating "Thou shalt lie down/With patriarchs of the infant world—with kings,/The powerful of the earth—the wise, the good,/Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past,"(Bryant). In these lines Bryant is saying that once dead everyone is equal all titles gained in life will lie in the dirt you are buried in. The thought of being equal to the "higher ups" in the side of life is appealing to some who view life as an unfair game where they were dealt the wrong hand. Whitman is another poet welcoming death with open arms with no fears and more of creating death as an old friend. Whitman stating "With loaded arms [comes] pouring for [death]" shows his appreciation and fondness for death (Whitman). Whitman is a man who wrote over a thousand words in his tome that maybe at some point was captured by something other than
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