A Death Foretold Theme Of Forgiveness

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The first theme in the novel is forgiveness. In the beginning of the book Jean Valjean stayed with the bishop who he ends up stealing his silver. Jean ends up getting caught by the cops for stealing the silver but when he is caught and brought back to the bishop he tells the cops that he gave Valjean the silver. The bishop tells John that he had bought his soul and gave it to God, so from that day on he must be good. Another example of forgiveness is at the end of the book. Javert finally has Valjean captured but instead of killing him he sets him free. By letting Valjean go Javert decides he must commit suicide due to him breaking the law that he loved so dearly. There are a few examples of forgiveness found in the book written by Victor Hugo. Next is the theme of self sacrifice in the novel. Jean Valjean shows this self sacrifice by allowing Cosette and Marius get married, and for awhile , he seems alright with that. Later on however, he goes to Marius and confesses to his past. He tells Marius his whole story, and thinks it is best if he…show more content…
The main kind of courage in this novel is emotional and physical. The first example is when Valjean must enter Paris by climbing the wall that surrounds the city. Having Cosette with while climbing this wall leaves him with a struggle because she is a small child. Once he reaches the top, and Cosette joins him, they must jump from roof to roof to reach safety. They finally end up in a Convent where Valjean knows the Caretaker which they live with for the next few years. Next Valjean lets Marius and Cosette get married. He knows it will mean that he won't see Cosette much as he’d like, and we will be lonely. But he always knows it will make her very happy, and in the end, that is all Valjean really wants for her. He does end up dying because of loneliness in the end, but he dies knowing that he is loved, because of Marius and Cosette. This is the last main theme that is found in the
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