A Debate Between Organic Foods And Non Organic Food

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Over the last few years, there are many things have changed such as, technology, agriculture and many more things. Technology is getting better and better day by day for humans need and survivenment, but one thing is that human will never be able survive without food. Food comes from farms and animals. There are many ways for farming like organic farming, conventional farming, commercial farming, multi-crop farming, factory farming and many more other technique of it. Farming has a significant role in toady’s economy. All people should know what they are eating and they have right to know for their health and survivenment. People need to know how food gets grown, process, transported, marketed, prepared, and organized of food because it is very important issues of sustainable living. There is a debate between organic food and non-organic food that which one is better for both humans and nature. All people have different opinion about it but, mostly people believe that organic food is healthier than non-organic, conventional food or any other type food. However, I believe organic farming can not feed the world because organic farming is expensive, take extra time, and dangerous. Seufert, Ramankutty and Foley( 2012) defined “Organic farming-a system aimed at producing food with minimal harm to ecosystems, animals or humans” (p. 229). Organic farming can be also defined as food or animals are grown without use of any chemicals, all nature, and hormones free and without
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