A Debate of the Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty raises important questions about the right to life, who has a right to life, and under what circumstances a right to life can be taken away. I believe there are no circumstances under which capital punishment is justified. I will proceed to defend my claim that capital punishment is unjustified by arguing a position that killing is wrong because it deprives individuals of valuable futures. To support my thesis that capital punishment is not justified, I will expand upon an argument made my Don Marquis in his essay “Why Abortion is Immoral” in which he argues that killing is immoral on the grounds that it deprives human beings of a valuable future. My argument is as follows:
1. Killing is wrong because it deprives the
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The outside factors and conditions are irrelevant. Rather, the value is determined by how that person perceives his or her own life and these future experiences. Thus, when someone is killed, he or she is deprived of all the things that were of value and will be of value to him or her in the future. Causing this loss of a valuable future is ultimately what makes killing wrong and immoral because that individual has permanently lost the opportunity to enjoy his or her future experiences which are valuable to him or her. My second premise states that death row criminals are in the same moral category as other human beings with respect to the moral value of their lives. The only factor which differentiates a criminal from a non-criminal is the fact that the criminal, usually irrefutably, violated community standards and the law to commit a crime. In the case of a criminal on death row, he or she would have had to have committed a serious capital crime to receive the death sentence. Since committing a capital offense is the only reason death row criminals are different from other human beings, death row criminals are the same as other human beings in every other respect, including with respect to the value of their futures. Furthermore, the future of a criminal on death row is just as valuable as the future of a human being not on death row. Any form of capital punishment is a form of killing. It does not matter who is actually doing the

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