A Debate on Brand Viability

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01)Take a position on one of the following statements: a) "All brands have a limited life as indicated by the product life cycle and will slip or disappear." b) "There is no reason why a successful brand can't live forever." Provide examples to support your position. (1 page) I firmly believe that there is no reason why a successful brand can't live forever. I recently read an article about Channel No. 5, a brand of cologne and perfume that is passed from generation to generation. The tagline of the article reads: "Sometimes a perfume can be more than a fragrance. It can be a declaration of independence, a rite of passage, even a potent link between the generations" (Hingston, 2012). Some products or services that people use become a tradition something that they always buy when celebrating or the one person they rely on to make things right. There is the tailor who fits all the suits of the men in the family young and old who is so special to the family (almost, it seems, like a family member) that they wouldn't consider taking their alterations or new attire to anyone else. Interestingly, Channel No. 5 is that kind of legendary product. Hingston wrote that Channel "No. 5 was what I longed to smell like, what I longed to be like, high end, exotic. It was what Mom wore on evenings out, to drink cocktails, to participate in the adult world that was a mystery to me" (2012, p. 60). All one really has to do to understand the fantasy that Channel No. 5 conjured for a young
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