A Decision For The Yearlong Beverage Contract

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Introduction I am a registered dietician and have been invited to this Lunch and Learn Program for the law firm to be able and help make a decision for the yearlong beverage contract for either a water company, Gatorade or PowerAde. As fitness is an important factor of many attorneys that work here this will be very beneficial for everyone. I will be giving this prevention to help give you the knowledge in the best choice of product including daily amounts, nutrient content, types, cost, advantages and disadvantages and healthiness. The roles of water and other fluids like Gatorade and PowerAde because they can replenish the fluids in our body recharging our muscles and cells with the vital electrolytes and other minerals needed for all…show more content…
This will allow the body to not only absorb the additional minerals but added sugar as well. Since the body after exercise could utilize that sugar as fuel either before or after serving of Gatorade or PowerAde around 8-16 ounces will be more than enough for the normal person daily. Nutrient Content When it comes to water out of the tap or the basic water bottle there isn’t much to it when it comes to nutrient content. It is made up of zero calories while having some sodium as a natural electrolyte. This is why for the most part a person can drink as much water as they want. Gatorade on the other hand at a serving size of 8 ounces is 63 calories. The calories are mostly made up of added sugar at 13 grams. However, it does give more of a recharge of electrolytes with 95mg of sodium which makes it a great beverage for hydrating directly after or during a workout. Furthermore, PowerAde is similar to Gatorade as it has about 80 calories per 12 FL oz. Calories come from mostly sugar at 21 grams. Additionally, PowerAde supplies more sodium as well as potassium another great electrolyte to improve fluid balance in the body. There are other kinds of PowerAde’s and Gatorades that vary in calories and nutrient levels depending on the kind but you can get a general idea of what is in the sports drink. Water may not have as much
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