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Across the period of one's life, decisions are made, consequences are endured, and rewards are accepted. In most instances, one does not think before they act on possible actions or decisions; however it is the rare few that do think, and do realize the cause and effect of decisions about to be made.

Margaret Sanger was an advocate for women's rights, a nurse, a feminist, and most important she offered women information about contraceptives, something that was relatively hidden from many women in the early 1900's. Margaret Sanger may have single handily changed the fact that "women would achieve personal freedom by experiencing their sexuality free of consequence" (Margaret Sanger, 1).

As a nurse she saw failed abortions,
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"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" had a decision made by Fraquhar that knowingly went against the opposing side of where he stood. Like Sanger who went against Comstock laws, Fraquhar interfered with troops. Although Fraquhar knew his punishment would be death if caught, he was willing to risk it, and eventually was put to death because of his actions. Sanger also knew going against Comstock could result in possible jail time, which she did receive for her actions.

In "The Censors," Juan knowingly risked being caught by becoming a censor, in hopes of getting his letter through to his loved one. Although he knew what would happen if he was caught smuggling his letter in, he was more then willing to take the risk. Juan's boss acknowledged his hard work, "soon he was moved to section E where he was now reading and analyzing letter contents, his work became so absorbing that his original purpose for being a censor was blurred (Valenzuela, 653). While he excelled, he one day came across his letter to Marina, but without reading it, tossed it into the censored pile, causing his death the very next morning. The theory that giving someone a little power can eventually lead to destruction is evident in Juan's case. Although Sanger wasn't given power, she made people knew who she was, and she was empowering women. She strived to get information out, create an oral contraceptive, and have a place that women could eventually go to. She dedicated
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