A Decision Uncertainty: Using Statistics to Make a Life Decision

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I make decisions each and every day. However, I don't consider the probability of these decisions coming to pass when I make them. Recently, my job had transferred me from Houston to Shreveport. Before relocating, I was living in a housing market that was ranked second best in the U.S. Now, I was faced with finding a house in Shreveport that would cost just about the same as the house that I owned in Houston. The average person may think that this is an easy decision to make, but one has to be aware of the fact that I must find a house that is at a reasonable price compared to the house that I have in Houston. Research Before making any decisions, I began to do some research on potential houses that I could buy from Shreveport. When I arrived at Shreveport, I looked at several websites to learn about Shreveport's housing market and compared it to Houston's housing market. Afterwards, a realtor provided me with a list of houses in which I compared to the one that I had in Houston. After going over the list, I began to wonder what was the probability of me discovering a house that matched the price of my house in Houston. With all of the data that I had gathered from the Internet and the realtor, I was wishing that I would be able to find a house that matched by expectations. Let's say that I am looking for a two story brick house with at least 2500 square feet for s nice price. Because I am talking about Shreveport, LA this is comparable to 3000 3500 square foot house
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