A Decline in Revenue at Quantas

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I choose this news because I think that this airplane industry is having a decline in revenue problem. So I interested to analyze this airplane company. But before I analyze this company, I want to explain a little bit about this airplane industry.
A Qantas airway is an airplane industry from Queensland, Australia, and the head office of this airlines industry located in Sydney, Australia. This industry was found by 3 people named Paul McGuiness, Hudson Fysh, and the last one is Arthus Baird. This industry was founded on the 16th of November 1920. This industry is the one of the airlines with the longest history in the world, before this industry became an airlines industry; this business was beginning by transporting mail and passengers
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Firstly, I will analysis the problem that Qantas airline face now. This company are having a crisis in early 1990s, and there is some problem or reason why Qantas airline are having a crisis. Such as; only 16% of travellers want to use Qantas airlines as their transportation to travel or go somewhere. The second one is Qantas’s immediate problem is the emergence of rival virgin Australia with lower staff costs and greater productivity into the premium domestic market. A market it has enjoyed a monopoly for the last 10 years. Virgin has a strong foreign airline backer with deep pocket where as Qantas is struggling to attract investor’s interest and the last one is Qantas airlines are having a problem in management.
To know more deeper why Qantas airlines are having a decline or crisis, SWOT analysis can be the other way to know and analyze why Qantas airlines are having a decline because by analyze the SWOT we will know the reason why Qantas airlines having decline.
- Qantas airline is the one of the top airlines operating in Australia, because Qantas airline is a mature aviation industry that have more experience for a long time
- Has been one of the oldest airline operators in the world, because the founder was founded this industry since 1920
- Monopoly in Australia market, because this industry is the strongest and largest industry in Australia
- Good brand building exercises though advertising and sponsorships

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