A Decrease in Sexual Fantasies in Women Decreases Desire and Arousal

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For the scholarly journal I found the disorders in sexual desire and sexual arousal in women comes from the study of the difference in sexual motivation between men and women. This disorder consists of a lack of sexual fantasies and desire for any form of sexual activity. The author was trying to show the difference in how women react to different sexual responses and what can cause lack of sexual desires. It did figure out that women show lower and less frequent sexual motivation than men. Normally, single women almost never complain about being interested in sex, while women in relationships express more complaints based on the different sexual needs between the two partners. Low or no sexual desire is more likely to be the most common sexual problem in women. The study was conducted using sexual response models, which includes; linear model- which experienced sexual desires will happen in a sudden and unplanned way, and it is independent of the sexual arousal response, and Information process model- biological as well as mental factors can interfere with the activation of sexual systems. A large European study shown that women with low sexual desires were less satisfied about their current relationship. Men and women use a variety of different reasons for doing things, such as physical pleasure, showing feeling of love, satisfying the partner and satisfying that obligation. Men are more drawn to physical qualities, as in women considered relational qualities. Low or no

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