A Deep Rooted And Almost Automatic Action People

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INTRODUCTION Multitasking- a deep-rooted and almost automatic action people take part in every day. On the forefront, multitasking seems simple. Multitasking occurs when a person alters their attention from input to input or from task to task in order to complete several things within the same time period (Van der Horst et al. 434). However, technological advancements continue to revolutionize how society multitasks, thus changing the nature of the everyday work environment. In fact, companies waste about two hours of work time each day because of constant disruptions (Lee and Duffy 138). While technology makes it easier to accomplish more tasks in less time or at the same time, it also creates a sense of necessity for people to multitask…show more content…
Specifically, the odds of low-risk addiction students performing better than high-risk addiction students was around 2.4 with a p-value of 0.004. Since the p-value equaled less than one, a correlation existed between smartphone usage and GPA values. In addition, between low-risk addiction males and females, males (had higher odds of generating a worse GPA than females (Hawi and Samaha 86). Male odds averaged around 4.3 while female odds averaged around 2.3 and each p-value fell below one indicating a statistical significance (Hawi and Samaha 86). Notably, the above data does not represent an entire population, for the study took place at a small Lebanon University and only those informed of the survey took part (Hawi and Samaha 88). Nonetheless, the study presents a frightening reality for managers because students make up the future workforce. A GPA reflects a student’s output and academic productivity just like sales numbers and performance reviews reflect an employee’s output and productivity. If new hires possess an increased disposition for smartphone addiction, this study shows they may be poor performers. Additionally, since males had a higher chance of producing lower GPAs than females, managers should expect employee gender differences. Male employees may get more distracted than females if known to have a smart-phone addiction. Classroom
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