A Deeper Appreciation For Being Reflective And How It Greatly Shapes Me As A Professional Essay

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I have developed a deeper appreciation for being reflective and how it greatly shapes me as a professional. I created thoughtful and well-organized unit plans with a large focus on academics yet also weaving together various competencies. Quite early on in my practicum I was able to build relationships and understand the fragile situations and complexities that were inclusive to the school community. I had many discussions with colleagues that worked with students in my class before to better under the background of my class. As I observed the response from students of lessons and discussed these findings with my SA, I realized that a shift in focus was necessary.

In reflection, I saw the importance shifting focus from uncovering academics to a need of teaching students to fill their toolbox with skills that will have an influence beyond just the classroom and into social situations where they can apply some of these real world skills. Creating an open dialogue with parents and staff was key to having successful teaching moments. It gave me invaluable knowledge that led to understanding students, their families and their home life. These observations altered certain choices I made in regards to my planning. Creating over all goals and having students understand these learning goals and why they are important is working well. In a Language Arts lesson I created students were able to practice and explore skills, such as oral reading development, while analyzing story

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