A Deeper Look At The Future Of Work

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Taking a deeper look at the future of work has never been so critical in today’s society. Not only does one have to assess the working conditions within their own country but rather countries around the world because ultimately, we are one intertwined and whatever happens to one country will affect us in some way. Trying to discover what the future of work has in store for us is integral because as history indicates, being ignorant of the economy and its people can lead to disastrous events. The first of these events being the Great Depression of the 1930s and the most recent one being the stock market crash of 2008. These events occurred because nobody paid attention to the people running the economy and this led to sharp increases in shares and mortgages (in the years leading to 2008). This affected some businessmen but more importantly, the working class people. Currently, we are doing a relatively better job at monitoring the economy and market. We have even increased overall wealth in our nation wide, however a majority of that wealth has gone to the individuals who already have money but at the expense of the lower classes. Therein lies the problem when looking at the future of work, especially in a capitalist society like Canada. How do we solve this increasing gap between the rich and poor? This question has been the topic of debate for the past couple of years. Every now and then, society tries to take a look at this issue in the form of films Though they do not…
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