A Deeper Look On The Alcoholic Environment

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A Deeper Look On The Alcoholic Environment Nowadays the exposition to alcohol consumption is becoming very common among adults and teenagers. Alcoholic addiction is developed in social environment such as living around heavy drinkers, people often are tempted to the taste of alcohol which then becomes an addiction. Either it is a party or a celebration, alcohol is most of the times available; however, there are concerns in society, since the consumption of this drug can bring dangerous consequences. An individual’s health is extremely exposed by alcoholic beverages, since they affect several areas of our brain, liver, heart and several other parts of our bodies. Along with health problems, the cognitive control is potentially affected;…show more content…
As a result of these and other changes, brain mass shrinks and the brain’s inner cavity grows bigger.” This means that if a person creates an addiction for alcoholic beverages it will have a major impact on the brain cells, as it slows down neurotransmitters. Also, the continuation of consumption of this drug makes the brain not to work in an adequate way, which will later bring changes in attitude such as depression and anxiety. There can be permanent damages in the brain if the consumption is not moderate, since it affects directly parts of the brain that are essential for reasoning. Comparatively to the effect that alcohol can have on the brain, it also develops liver problems that in several cases end up bringing lethal effects. The liver is another organ that is extremely exposed to be damaged by consuming excessive alcohol and is one of the major causes for death in alcoholic people. Since the liver is one of the largest organs of the body, it is crucial to maintain a constant care by taking precautions on things that could affect our liver. In addition, the main job of the liver is to maintain people’s body as healthy as possible by disregarding substances and breaking them down; however, according to NIH, as the liver breaks these substances it also liberates toxins that can be even more harmful. “Your liver works hard to keep your body productive and healthy. It stores energy and nutrients. It
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