A Deeper Understanding Of Ice

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‘An estimated 350’000 Australians have snorted, smoked or injected crystal methamphetamine in the past year.’ - ICE Rush, 2015 ICE known as the ‘pleasure drug’ has become a growing problem throughout Australia in the last 10 years. Because of what is known as the ‘ICE Epidemic’ there has been a rise in drug related injuries within the younger community especially in small country towns. With 25.3% of people using ice every day or regular use in 2013, its quite alarming as only in 2010 there was a 12.4% rise in ICE users, the statistics are showing the popularity of this dangerous drug and each year the percentages are getting higher and higher with no show of people slowing down any time soon. I have personally seen ICE destroy people that I know, close to the family and by this happening I realised how big an issue it is. I chose to do this topic as I wanted to find out the facts and wanted to get a deeper understanding of ICE and how it affects people and why it’s destroying the young and older people in our country. My focus questions for this assignment are: • How has ICE affected the mental wellbeing of young adults and adults? • How does ICE affect the physical aspects of a person when used continuously? • Why has there been a sudden spike in ICE users and sellers in Australia? The method of inquiry that I have taken for this assignment is both primary and secondary research. I conducted a survey that I distributed among some of the school population on survey
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