A Deeper Understanding Of The Disease Process Of A Patient

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Case Study #2: Diabetes
The purpose of this case study is to develop a deeper understanding of the disease process of a patient who has been with recently diagnosed with diabetes. The data collected will allow development of a plan of care for the patient including, drug therapy and education on current diagnosis. The patient in question is a 32 year old male with complaints of fatigue, thirst and frequent urination. A finger stick reveals the patient’s blood glucose level is 466. The patient in this case is prescribed oral and subcutaneous medication for diabetes by the provider.
Pathophysiology of Diabetes Diabetes is an endocrine disorder in which the pancreas does not make or stops properly producing insulin, according to which type of diabetes is diagnosed. Two forms of diabetes exist, Type 1 and Type 2, each of these types have unique characteristics. Type 1 diabetes is primary diagnosed in children up to young adults. In type 1 diabetics the etiology is known to be that of an autoimmune process. In this type of diabetes the pancreas may produce very little to no insulin.
The patient in this case study is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes insulin is still produced, but is not absorbed properly, over time levels of insulin decrease, ultimately dropping off completely (Burchum & Rosenthal, 2016). The etiology in this type of diabetes is unknown just strong familial ties seem to be a link. Lifestyle activities also play an important role in diabetes
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