A Deeper Understanding Of Why The Fda 's Proposal Should Be Banned Essay

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For a deeper understanding of why the FDA’s proposal should be banned, there needs to be an in-depth analysis of both the pros and cons of the rule being imposed. The issue of “natural” food labeling has many consumers commenting and protesting on this controversial rule. There are many confusions and concerns from the consumers when purchasing the food product. “Due to overwhelming and ongoing consumer confusion around the natural food label, we are launching a new campaign to kill the natural label because our poll underscores that it is misleading, confusing, and deceptive"(Rangan, 2016). Consumers do not know what exactly the term “natural” mean. As a result, they are making wrong consumption decision based on deceptive information provided by the food industries. If the FDA makes a decision to ban this rule, the visible positive outcome would be that consumers will be able to understand and to differentiate between healthy vs unhealthy products. The more nutritional information they know about the food products would help increase awareness for consumers to make healthier food choices(Consumer Reports, 2016).
The FDA’s current rule on “natural” food products is affecting consumers from many different ethnic backgrounds as well. Especially in the United States where it is multiethnic and multicultural country from people from all over the world, the variety of food consumption is very different. For certain citizens that have backgrounds in Asia might have a completely
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