`` A Defense Of Abortion `` By Judith Jarvis

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Introduction: Is it immoral to have an abortion? Abortion is the process of stopping a pregnancy through the removal or killing of the fetus. Dan Marquis is adamant that abortion is wrong and that the fetus is a full human being that deserves to live while, Judith Jarvis Thomson would say that should the mother decide to terminate her pregnancy it is her body and her right. However, what if there was a third side to this already complicated issue? I argue that abortion itself is amoral and that circumstances are what shape the moral outcry or acceptance of an abortion. I will illustrate this through the concept of Rossian moral Theory.
Explication : Judith Jarvis Thomson in her article “A Defense of Abortion”, argues “that even if the fetus is a person from conception (and hence has full right to life), a woman still has a right to an abortion” (Thomson 1971 438). Thomson further argues that in certain circumstances an abortion is morally wrong and should not be carried out if such circumstances presents itself (Thomson 1971 438). She then proceeds to give an extreme example where a woman is kidnapped and tied to a violinist through her kidneys to save his life. Essentially, she compares being tethered to the violinist to being pregnant and how a person has the right to remove herself, but not the right to do further damage to the child or violinist if they survive after the fact. Although, Thomson, in her pursuit to defend abortion, has made the women who aborts the fetus…
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