A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

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Abortion is a major issue that has lead to many different opinions, ideas, and various debates. Proponents for abortion often use the fact that a fetus is not a moral person to justify their position, whereas those who are against the issue often claim that a fetus is a moral person and should deserve every right a moral person has, including the right to live. Judith Jarvis Thomson, however, takes an entirely different approach. In her article “A Defense of Abortion” Thomson argues that even if a fetus is considered to be a human being does not automatically ensure it the right to live. Thomson’s position leads to many oppositions and critiques. Foot’s article, for example, “ Killing versus Letting Die” attempts to point out the flaws in Thomson’s argument. Foot claims that a fetus’ status must be considered when addressing the issue of abortion and that Thomson’s argument is invalid. Although Thomson’s argument may seem valid at first, Foot does offer considerable evidence critiquing the validity of Thomson’s argument. One of the main issues Foot has with Thomson’s argument is the analogy her paper consistently relies on to relay her position. In the analogy, a person is kidnapped and placed in a kidney machine that is connected to an ill violinist, who is in desperate need of a functioning kidney. With that analogy, Thomson argues that an individual’s right to agency trumps over another person’s right to life if that person has to depend on and is a burden to the…
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