A Definitive Point Of A Biblical Worldview

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A Definitive Point
First of all, what is a biblical worldview? The definition of a biblical world view is simply the way you choose to view issues. It can also be the stance you take in different beliefs or situation, while taking references and abiding to the bible or Christianity. My starting point in this essay is to simply add basis to the fact that God is the definitive point .Everything from creation starts and ends with God. He was fully involved in every aspect. His significance and power are clearly depicted in the creation. The theory of the creation and Gods relationship with man in the eyes of the media the scientist the government is very different from my own biblical perspective and mine shows the sovereignty of God.
How the Earth came to be or the evolution of the earth has gradually become the platform for different religions to lay out their stories of creation. Over the years, scientists have studied, analyzed, and researched to find how the earth came to be. They arrived at a decision that humans evolved from apes. The theory of the world reminds me of this verse in the bible which says, “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of me: because you rejected that knowledge, I will reject you as a priest for me” (Hosea). If humans evolved from apes, how then created or how did the apes come to be. Humans are so ignorant of the gifts that God has bestowed upon them that they have likened
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