A Delusion Of Sat The Story Of The Salem Witch Trials

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You wake up, the screams of terror surrounding you. They take you away, out of your bed and away from your family throw you in a jail cell. You are a witch, this is what they tell you. Your tied up neck to heels the blood rushing to your head and eventually leaving your body. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can say. You have been condemned for a crime that you did not commit. In the book I have read, A Delusion Of Satan: The Full Story Of The Salem Witch Trials, Francis Hill discusses the events in which the women and men of Salem were accused of crimes committed to the townspeople. The people of the town were beat and tortured because they were found to be "witches".The author elaborates on the events that took place, and the daily life of the people of Salem. Hill begins this factual chronicle by telling the basic life of the Salem citizen. She shares what the daily life of a Salem citizen looked like through their family life and religion. The basic life of a Salem citizen consisted of constant work and a strict religion. Starting from the time they were five or six years old, the children of Salem were expected to help in the house or on the farms. The people of Salem derived pleasure from following their strict religious views, which proposed that anything that was done just for pleasure was sinful. All of the civic meetings, religious visitations, and recreational play was centered around carrying out a duty rather than personal enjoyment. Hill described the

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