A Description Of The Entities Showing And Their Attributes

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Here is a brief description of the entities showing and their attributes.
1) Vendors
It belongs to the Merchandise domain (Sourcing in particular) and is related to the products by a one-to-many relationship. One product can have only one vendor, while a vendor can have multiple products.
2) Product
At the core of the merchandise domain, Product is related to Orders via a many-to-one relationship. One order can contain multiple products but one product can one be sold through an individual order. Product is also related to Vendors via a one-to-many relationship: one vendor can supply many products (brands). Among the attributes of product we should find product details, inventory, etc.
3) Orders
The entity is related to Product by a one-to-many relationship, since an order can comprise multiple items and each item can only belong to an individual order or transaction. The Order entity is crucial for the merchandise and sales domains.
4) Members
At the core of the Sales and Services domain, the entity offers a list of all customers (members) and their information. A member-employee interaction produces an order (or sale).
5) Employees
The entity identifies all employees by an employee number (ID) and lists basic personnel information. Among the attributes of Employees we find data on pay history, employees’ schedules and shifts, etc.
6) Departments
At the core of Business and Corporate Management, namely Human Resources, the Department entities has a one-to-many…
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