A Description Of The Learning Management Process

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1. Production Development: A detailed outline is currently being created with content for each of the modules. Once this is created a script will be written and put into a software that will be read in production Production: A studio; producer; camera, lights and sound technician; hair and makeup are employed to be present and working during the approximately 20 days of shooting the modules. Hair and makeup play a critical role when shooting the modules, as the key is to make everyone look great on camera. The hair and makeup team will work closely with production to ensure that the teacher looks great on camera, and to see where there needs to be any improvement in looks during film. After all of the modules are done being filmed…show more content…
3. Location The studio is located in Greenville, South Carolina. Agent Technologies, Inc. is also located in Greenville, South Carolina and is a virtual company consisting of many contracted resources coming together to provide training and speaking services. The benefit to this structure is low operational costs and due to the nature of the work it is unnecessary to have a brick and mortar location. 4. Legal environment Legal counsel has been contractually employed for copyright and legal issues associated with taxes or contracts with vendors. The legal counsel that has been contractually employed will be responsible for making sure that the business trademarks and also keeps up with all rules and regulations so that the business functions both effectively and efficiently. The legal counsel is also responsible for making sure that the team is current on all work law and ensuring that there will be no breach of copyright of other companies. The contracted legal counsel will handle all contacts with vendors to ensure that all information in vendor contracts are valid. 5. Personnel All employees are contract employees and will be paid for the work completed on a contract basis. These relationships are currently in place with long term business partners. The following are consultants currently involved in this venture: Content

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