A Descriptive Morning Essay: A Typical Morning

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A Typical Morning “The thoughts of the morning becomes the blessing for the day.” Lailah Akita said. After a deep sleep, my phone was crowded with alarm notifications. However, I did not wake up until my mother came to me. Ugh, it was awful to leave my warm bed and go to sit on a rough chair. I opened the cottage window to take a fresh breath. The chirping of birds infiltrated to my ears, and their tweets gave me an optimist energy to start my day. I took a short shower. The tears of shower fell on my body, and the fragrance of the fabulous flower shower gel filled the bathroom while I thought of the enormous tasks for this day. At the end, I brushed my curly long hair using a wooden brush, and I made a brilliant braid hairstyle. I went to my bedroom, and I found a comfortable outfit, which is a gray legging and a broadcloth blue blouse looking at me with sad eyes saying, “you didn't wear us from a long time.” I was too late, so I jogged to our woody kitchen, which is near my room. I prepared my typical breakfast before going to the bus station. I opened the huge fridge, and I took the eggs, tomato, hot sauce, and the wet cold bottle of milk was trying to escape from my hands. However,…show more content…
Oh! Thank God, I arrived on time. I was sitting on a blue soft sofa that was near to the class to wait for my instructor, and classmates to come. While I was waiting for my class I remembered Ms. Sara who taught me Communication Skills in Prep. She had been one of the most perfect teachers in my education. Ms. Cristina is another example of the perfect teachers. Both of them provide the class with information, which we need to do our work perfectly. Their ways of explaining ideas is a clear star at midnight. The class started and no one from my class came! The walls said, “You are at the wrong spot.”, but I was sure this was my class. Finally, my classmates show up, and I calm down that I was at the correct
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