A Design Process

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A design process is more experimental rather than technical, the insights that are reflected in the journey of design or research leads to transformations in the behavior of the practitioner. The possibility of outcome can be influenced either in positive or negative ways as it generally develops from the current issues in the society. This affects the whole process and choices a designer make, it can be related in terms of cultural, economical, global, political or environmental issues they can be considered as the contemporary influence.
The main scope of this project is to reposition NHS towards patient centered care, which involves designing as per people’s needs and services in the present society. Organizations like NHS work for
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For children, the promise of health and successful personal development lies where they, and their parents, can be meaningfully engaged with one another and with other families for mutual benefit. A child who is not being stimulated by being played with, and who has very few opportunities to explore things within their surroundings may fail to link up fully and this may lead to neural connections and pathways which are required for lateral thinking (Sutton-Smith, 1997).
Children are motivated to engage in active play because they perceived it to be enjoyable, to prevent boredom, to have physical and mental health benefits and to provide freedom from adult control, rules and structure. However, children’s active play can be constrained by a number of factors, including weather. Some features of the physical environment facilitated children’s active play, including the presence of green spaces and cul-de-sacs in the neighbourhoods (Brockman and colleagues, 2011). Physically active play can make unique contributions to children’s development which cannot be obtained from more structured forms of physical activity.
Vince Lombardi says, “Practice does not make things perfect” and “Only perfect practice makes it perfect” explains that any practice should have an ideal way of doing
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