A Design Strategy For Mixed Mode System

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abstract: Mixed-mode is a hybrid approach to space conditioning that combines passive techniques with mechanical system, reaching the optimum performance by switching between them. Architects and building designers are exploring mixed-mode as a way of combining the best features of air-conditioned and naturally-ventilated buildings. When natural ventilation cant afford indoor comfort it switched to mechanical ventilation but revert to mechanical systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning when external conditions are deemed less favorable for occupants. this research aims to reach a design strategy to mixed mode system to go over the negative effect of air-condition buildings strategies during running passive strategies and overcome negative influence of passive design during running of mechanical system , we focus on Sun Shading Devices on building envelope performance including thermal control, air flow and Ventilation to reach optimum design. Introduction Sometimes even a well-shaded, super-tight, energy-efficient building won 't keep you cool without some help, which is why we often turn to some sort of mechanical cooling system. This is what we call mixed mode system This research discus economic parametric strategy to optimum mixed mode system of building envelope including thermal control, air flow , particular emphasis on daylight illumination and glare . Quantity of daylight admitted through different forms of shading devices were assessed and
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