A Destructive Civilization : Elizabeth Clark

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A Destructive Civilization
Elizabeth Clark
Environmental Science

In many films, books, and stories set in the future, the story will be of a dystopian world at the point of the earth being in ruin and rubble. While most of these stories will present the cause of the dying world from a lucrative standpoint, such as the world being taken over by aliens or a zombie apocalypse, there is a much more likely cause of the destruction of the earth. This would be the consequences of humanity’s error. This cause applies to the real world more than any other scenario or conspiracy. As a human race we have always managed to evolve, but only in the last couple decades have we managed to advance terribly well. And I truly mean that, because it is great for us, but terrible for any other species that is not us.
There are many stories that demonstrate humanity’s error, but the most notable one is a book called Ishmael. Ishmael was published by author Daniel Quinn in 1992 and is very intriguing. The narrator in the book portrays his opinions in a much deeper, direct perspective. Instead of crafting his points around the dialogue and plot of human characters, he rather creates one big conversation between a man and a gorilla who has powers of communication throughout the entire book. This conversation revolves around the question of whether or not humans can be sophisticated without being destructive. Not only does this conversation encourage people to think
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