A Detailed Explanation Of The Business Process

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a) Provide a detailed explanation of the business process as provided by the case. Contrast the processes in place with those that should have been followed. Explain in detail any deficiencies.
• In this particular case, multiple business processes used by Plush Pet Daycare lead to the crime that has been committed. The three main issues with the Daycare’s business processes involved in this case include; poor supervision, issues with segregation of duties, authorization, and auditing procedures. Poor supervision over the suspect was a major issue, Danny Jones had no one directly over him that oversees his day-to-day duties, the expansion of the company could be the potential cause of this, but top management should have seen that too much access was trusted to Mr. Jones. Jones had multiple tasks given to him that should have required authorization from a superior, this includes providing all information involving new hires and current staff, and signing off on paychecks. If a few of his tasks where segregated, his opportunity would also diminish. Examples include signing off on final payroll papers, adding and deleting employees to the master file, and signing final paychecks a distributing them. Auditing was another big issue that could have detected this crime earlier. By auditing payroll periodically multiple red flags would have presented themselves, including the numerous P.O. box addresses, and having single addresses for multiple employees.
b) Develop a fraud

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